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Its Easter Time @ Best of NSW

Happy Easter Everyone!

YES We are staying open! While everyone else gets 5 days off we will still be operating and serving you with great tourism options for Sydney and right around Australia. We will be CLOSED GOOD FRIDAY ONLY. Other than that its 9:30pm-5:30pm daily

For those of you who need it spelled out:

09:30am – 05:30pm – Saturday 23rd April 2011 – Easter Saturday
09:30am – 05:30pm – Sunday 24th April 2011 – Easter Sunday
09:30am – 05:30pm – Monday 25th April 2011 – ANZAC DAY – Easter Monday
09:30am – 05:30pm – Tuesday 26th April 2011 – Easter Monday’s Public Holiday



The Royal Easter Show Sydney is on now and tickets are selling fast. 14th – 27th April The Royal Easter Show is Australia’s Largest Event! Come in and Buy Tickets (that include your transport) and pick up and Australian Made Pink Lady easter Egg on your way!


We are so excited to present our Easter Chocolate collection this week. The chocolate collection has been a big hit behind the scenes, and it has actually taken a bit of effort to make sure the collection is available to you as many of the staff have been eyeing the chocolate for themselves. The Easter Goodies have come from Pink Lady, which is an amazing confection company that has been making chocolate in Australia for over 70 years. Originally started in Melbourne in the 1930’s by Mr George Gorog and Mr Zoureff, two European immigrants the company has grown to be considered one of the finest chocolate companies in Australia. The highlight is of course Pink Lady’s Chocolate Bilbies, Wombats and Koala’s.  For those of you unfamiliar with Easter in Australia, the chocolate Bilby has been an Easter tradition for over twenty years.  The tradition started as an Australian replacement to the Easter Rabbit. The rabbit is an introduced pest to Australia, which has caused many problems over the years, and it was felt that it was more appropriate and festive to have a much loved local animal like the bilby, which is a small marsupial closely related to the Bandicoot. It wasn’t very long before the Chocolate Bilby became an indispensable part of Easter in Australia.

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