Retail Update from Katti

Hi Folks,

Just a friendly retail update from Katti…..

This is an awesome new product now available in The Rocks Best of Visitor Centre. They are $79.95 each and we have 3 great designs!

“The tablemats are flat, compact and lightweight for easy postage or transport in your luggage; a truly practical and non-cringe-worthy Australian gift. ”

A little bit about Woop Woop!

 Woop Woop is the Australian colloquial term for far away, or more accurately – in the middle of nowhere. From this mythical location spring the interactive Tablemats FromWoopWoop. Together, as a completed puzzle, they create a striking centrepiece. Or simply pop out the pieces to form a heat mat, two tablemats and two coasters. This puzzle system means no material waste. Featuring vivid prints of Australian native plants – Wattle, Bottlebrush and Gumnuts – A dining set can be made from multiples of the same flora pattern, or a combination of the different patterns from the collection. Tablemats FromWoopWoop are hand screen printed on a 70% recycled cork composite. This innovative material has a GECA certification (Good Environmental Choice Australia).

Made in Melbourne.

Talk soon guys,

Retail Manager
Best of NSW


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